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Sweet Serenity Hazelnut Syrup 750ml

Sweet Serenity Hazelnut Syrup 750ml

Hazelnut Syrup

Perfectly replicates the rich bouquet and sweet, full flavor that make hazelnuts a culinary favorite. A translucent liquid with nutty aroma and taste of roasted hazelnuts ideal for coffee, tea, or blended hot/cold drinks.

Chocolate Hazelnut Malted

Chocolate Hazelnut Malted
• 1 cup of milk
• 1 shot of Sweet Serenity Hazelnut syrup
• 2 tbsp Malted milk powder
• 1 cup of chocolate or coffee ice cream

In a blender, combine milk, cocoa powder and malted milk powder. Process until smooth. Add ice cream and continue as directed until just mixed in. 

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