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Daphne Pills - Oral Contraceptive

Daphne Pills - Oral Contraceptive

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Indications / Uses
Contraception, especially in cases of intolerance from estrogen-progestogen combined pills or when estrogens are contraindicated. Daphne is also indicated in lactating mothers and smoking women who require contraception.
Dosage / Direction for Use
Take 1 tab daily without interruption, beginning on the 1st day of menstrual bleeding or start any day as long as there is no pregnancy but use condom for the next 2 days. Take the tablet marked with the corresponding day of the week. Take 1 tab about the same time everyday, preferably at about the time of the evening meal for 28 days.
Medical and gynecological examinations should be performed before starting Daphne.
Start taking the tablet orally on the 1st day of menstrual period, 6 weeks after giving birth or any day as long as not pregnant but use condom for the next 7 days. Take the tablet marked with the corresponding day of the week.
Take 1 tab daily and without interruptions at about the same time everyday. It is easier to remember to take the tablets after eating meals or drinking tea or before brushing teeth or going to sleep. Follow the arrows indicated on the pack. The interval between 2 tab should be exactly 24 hrs as much as possible. If a tablet was missed, it must be taken within 3 hrs. The efficacy of the tablet may decrease if not taken within this period. Take the remaining tablets as scheduled to avoid premature withdrawal bleeding.
Continue taking the pill for 28 days. Start a new pack the next day after taking the last tablet in the pack regardless of whether menstrual bleeding has ceased or not. Normal menstrual period will most likely resume 2 days after finishing the tablets in the pack.
Continue taking the pill even if there is a brief pause from sexual intercourse. Suspend taking the pill only if there is no sexual intercourse for >3 months. Stop taking the pill only after finishing the present pack; otherwise, bleeding will come sooner.
Continue taking the pill as long as contraception is desired.
Missed Tablets: It is very important to take the pills regularly to prevent pregnancy.
If 1 tab was missed by ≥3 hrs, take the missed tablet as soon as remembered. Take the next tablet at the regular time even if it means taking 2 tabs in 1 day. Abstain from sex or use a back-up form of contraception eg, condom for 2 days.
Consider the use of another method of contraception eg, injectable, when tablet is continually forgotten.
Women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, severe arterial disease, hormone dependent neoplasm, severe liver disease eg, hepatic adenoma and after recent evaculation of a hydatidiform mole. Daphne should not be given in women with porphyria.
Special Precautions
Before taking hormonal contraceptives, the woman should undergo an appropriate medical examination and her medical history should be carefully evaluated. Regular examination is recommended during use. The contraceptive effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives may be reduced during episodes of vomiting or diarrhea. During this period, to ensure the avoidance of pregnancy, using condom is recommended for 2 days after recovery.
Caution use in cardiovascular or renal impairment, diabetes mellitus, asthma, epilepsy, migraine or other conditions which may be aggravated by fluid retention. Daphne should also be used with care in persons with a history of depression. High doses should also be used with caution by women susceptible to thromboembolism.
Use in pregnancy: Prior to starting Daphne, pregnancy must be ruled out. However, should a pregnancy occur while taking the tablet, administration has to be withdrawn at once.
Use in lactation: Daphne has no negative influence during lactation. Infants whose mothers are taking the tablet while breastfeeding develop normally, both physically and mentally. Breastfeeding women should wait 6 weeks after giving birth before starting to use Daphne.
Side Effects
Some women may experience side effects eg, nausea, vomiting, headache, breast discomfort, depression, skin rashes and slight weight change. Menstrual irregularities eg, amenorrhea, breakthrough bleeding, spotting and menorrhagia are common with progestogen-only contraceptives. Most of these side effects are mild and usually disappear after a few months of contraceptive use.
Women who are using Daphne have lesser risk for thromboembolic and cardiovascular disease than those using combined oral contraceptives.
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Enzyme-inducing drugs ie, rifampicin, phenytoin, phenobarbitone, primidone, carbamazepine and St. John's wort increase the metabolism of lynestrenol.
Category D: There is positive evidence of human foetal risk, but the benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk (e.g., if the drug is needed in a life-threatening situation or for a serious disease for which safer drugs cannot be used or are ineffective).
Store at a temperature not exceeding 30°C.
Mechanism of Action
Pharmacotherapeutic Group: Oral contraceptive.
Daphne is a progestogen-only oral contraceptive pill. Progestogens are derived from the natural hormone progesterone or 19-nortestosterone, which actions are similar to those of progesterone.
Mechanism of Action: Daphne works primarily by thickening cervical mucus (this blocks sperm from meeting an egg) and disrupting the menstrual cycle, including preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation).
Daphne is safe to use by breastfeeding mothers.
Pharmacokinetics: Progesterone, like Daphne, has a short elimination t½ and undergoes extensive first-pass hepatic metabolism when taken orally. The oral bioavailability is very low but may be increased by an oily vehicle and micronization.

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