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Lactel Whole Milk UHT 1L x 12

Introducing lactel UHT whole milk with 3.2-3.5% fat, a 100% pure milk imported directly from France, made from French cow's milk. As lactel milk is not reconstituted from milk powder, you can enjoy the pure milk goodness as nature intended. It has been UHT treated to remove any harmful micro-organisms, ensuring top quality milk. Treat yourself to the delicious creamy taste and nutritional benefits of lactel milk without any preservatives. Get your daily dose of calcium today!

- 100% pure milk, not reconstituted from milk powder
– 100% produced in France, from French cow’s milk
– 100% imported from France
– No preservatives
– Deliciously creamy
– Perfect for all the family
– Source of calcium

Get all the benefits of milk with Lactel Whole milk
Items Per 100mL NRV%
Energy 268 (KJ) /64(kcal) 3%
Protein 3.2(g) 5%
Fat 3.5(g) 6%
Saturated Fat 2.2(g) 6%
Trans Fat 0.3(g) 6%
carbohydrate 4.8(g) 2%
Dietary Fibre 0 (g) 2%
Sugar 4.8(g) 2%
Sodium 45(mg) 2%
Calcium 120(mg) 15%


Lactel: a French leading milk brand for 40 years

For more than 40 years, Lactel has been producing the highest quality milks in France.

With strong positions in France thanks to product innovations such as low lactose and growing up milk for toddler, Lactel is today a leading milk brand in France enjoyed everyday by millions of consumers.


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