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MARTELL - VS single distillery fine cognac (40% alc/vol)

MARTELL - VS single distillery fine cognac (40% alc/vol)

Founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, a native of Jersey, Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac houses. For three centuries, Martell has produced, exported and marketed cognacs that are internationally renowned for their quality. Martell’s identity is founded on three key concepts: elegance, complexity and balance.

Smooth and fruity, the Martell VS Single Distillery cognac is great for cocktails. From a single distillation source for a richer cognac experience.

Martell VS Single Distillery combines spirits from a single distillation source in France’s Cognac region for a richer and more intense expression of the Martell distillation style. Martell is the only great cognac house to double distill exclusively clear wines, from which all sediments have been removed, in order to preserve the authentic fruity aromas of the grapes and reveal their incredible subtlety. These are hallmarks of the Martell style.


Martell stands out from other great cognac houses because of its special double-distillation method, traditional in the Charente region. The distillation process is carried out in copper stills or tanks to extract the wine’s essence, referred to as “eau-de-vie”. Martell is the sole major cognac house to distil only clear wines – in which all sediments and impurities have been removed – to produce exceptionally fine and pure eaux-de-vie.
The grapes come from the Charente region's four main growing areas:  Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. 
Martell is then aged in soft, fine-grain oak barrels that release smooth, well-balanced aromas to the cognac eaux-de-vie, lending them notes of vanilla, dried fruit, red fruit, chutney and dried flowers. 
Each cognac is created using a masterful blend of eaux-de-vie from various vintages and growing areas. The cellar master carefully selects and blends them in order to consistently obtain the unique, high-quality taste of Martell cognac.




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