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Interested in starting your own business and especially in the area of distribution.
Be sure to contact us and let us know. TTN is looking for people all over the Philippines who are interested in starting their own distribution company.

Why would I join TTN when I start my own distribution?
When you join TTN Team the big advantage is that we already have contracts and deals with suppliers. This means you don't have to look around or search for products. Also you don't have to make deals or bring in a lot of capital. Your main focus is only to sell the products that are part of TTN. So your focus is mainly sales and most of the admin will be done by TTN.

What does Franchising mean?
Franchising is a business relationship where a franchisor (a company or individual who owns the franchise system) grants a license to a franchisee (a company or person who contracts to use the franchise system) the right to use the franchisors brand and operating system for an initial fee (initial franchise fee).

How can I get started?
First step is to contact TTN and let us know you are interested. Feel free to text 09300141000 or email .. Looking forward to hear from you po.