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Coconut Aminos Liquid - US & EU Certified Organic

Coconut Aminos Liquid - US & EU Certified Organic


SINCE 2009- CocoWonder is one of the first to produce Coconut Aminos Liquid with the finest taste & quality you can ever found.   "NOT ALL THE COCONUT AMINOS IN THE MARKET HAS THE SAME TASTE"  

Unfiltered COCONUT AMINOS LIQUID is direct replacement to SOY SAUCE , All Purpose Sauce and Seasoning which is very good for Cooking, Marinades, Dip Sauce.  Coconut Liquid Aminos is Non-Soy, Non-MSG, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Non-GMO which considered as Superfood & Functional Food.

Coconut Aminos Liquid has a Savory Flavor, Tasty and Medium Salty that considered PREMIUM QUALITY. Our Coconut Liquid Aminos are process through Artisan Kitchen Method that undergo proper fermentation, concentration under controlled temperature and specific time of aging until become tasty and dark brown color.  

CocoWonder Coconut Aminos Liquid has no sweet syrup taste, no vinegar taste, not fizzing, no alcoholic flavor & aroma and no off taste and odor which is very good replcement to Soy Sauce!

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 15 months, but tested for 18 months stored at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Nectar Sap

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