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Ladouce Tampons Mini 16 x 24 packs

Ladouce Tampons Mini 16 x 24 packs

  • Ladouce tampons protect you day and night during 6-8 hours, feeling comfortable and safe. Ladouce tampons avoid smell because the menstruation fluids are absorbed inside your body; also avoiding irritation and rashes.
  • You may wear all kinds of dress without notice of your period to others, feel free and full protected.
  • Ladouce tampons are available in 3 sizes, each size contains 16 tampons in 1 box,  for your convenience just use the right size of tampon; 
  • Ladouce Mini for light menstrual flow
  • Ladouce Normal for moderate menstrual flow
  • Ladouce Super for strong menstrual flow

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