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OKAMOTO BEYOND SEVEN condom 1000 pieces

OKAMOTO BEYOND SEVEN condom 1000 pieces

Beyond Seven Condom - 1000 pieces
Sheerlon Latex Male Condom, Lightly Lubricated.
"The Closest Thing to Nothing at all"®

Beyond Seven condoms are made of Super Thin Sheerlon®, an advanced material so strong and durable, it can be made much thinner than an ordinary latex rubber condom. Sheerlon® has a silkier, more natural feel, much like skin itself. Beyond 7 Condoms are lightly lubricated for even more comfort. The Sheerlon® difference is a difference you can see, but most importantly it is a difference you will both feel.

You'll have the confidence and protection you need, with the sensitive loving closeness you want.

The Sheerlon Difference

All Okamoto Condoms Are Made Of Sheerlon, An Advanced Material So Strong And Durable, It Can Be Made Much Thinner Than Ordinary Latex Condoms. Sheerlon Has A Silkier, More Natural Feel, Much Like Skin Itself And Is The Trademark For An Exclusive Latex Compound Made By Okamoto



Made of Latex But Has No Latex Smell


Okamoto Condom Is Thinner, Lighter And Softer, Yet Stronger Than Most Competitive Brands.

Okamoto Is One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Condoms In The World Since 1934. Their State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing And Testing Processes Enable Them To Make A Thinner, Stronger, And Silky Soft Condom For A Sensuous Natural Experience.

Their Condoms Are Lubricated With A Reservoir-Tip, Non-Contoured, And Pink Tinted. Each Okamoto Condom Is Individually Tested With Precise Electrostatic Technology To Maximize Dependability.

Okamoto Condoms Consistently Receive The Top Ratings In Both Customer Reviews And Independent Laboratory Tests.


September 2022

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