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1. Remember forgiveness is for you
2. Acknowledge that we are all humans and make mistakes
3. Do not keep thinking about the past
4. Remember it takes less energy to forgive than hold a grudge
5. Think about how much forgiveness would matter to you
6. Remember we are all doing the best we can
7. Think of your own peace of mind
8. Remember time heals all
9. Stop thinking about forgiveness and just do it
10. Don't force forgiveness, give it time
11. Try meditation
12. Look to the future
13. Remember a time you were forgiven
14. Don't take things so personally
15. Remember life is short
16. Simply say the words "I forgive you"
17. Confront the people you want to forgive
18. Remember why you originally liked the person
19. Hug it out
20. Let go
21. Seek to understand

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