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Link Between Aluminum in Vaccines and Autism

Avoid these sources of Aluminum Toxicity

  • Commercia Deodorant: When you buy deodorant. Be sure that it clearly says "Aluminum Free" on the package.
  • Commercial Baking Powder: Again, switch to a brand that says "Aluminun Free". It will cost a few dollars more but it will be worth it.
  • Aluminum foil and Aluminum Cookware: Replace all aluminum-based and reflon cookware with glass, iron or safe ceramic. Store leftovers in glass containers as well make the switch to aluminum foil alternatives.
  • Vaccines: Almost every single vaccine on the market has some amount of aluminum in it, and some more than others.
  • Chemtrails: Know the difference between chemtrails and contrails which come from regular aircraft and how to identify them in the skies above your region during times of heavy "spraying", take precautions to wear protection or stay inside.
Aluminum is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon, and it is the most abundant metal, making up almost 9 percent of the earth's crust. Aluminum is found in plants, soil, water, and air.
Aluminum is used extensively in various ways:
  • Aluminum can be found in food-related products including pots and pans; storage containers, such as beverage cans; and foil.
  • Aluminum is found in numerous foods and beverages including fruits and vegetables, beer and wine, seasonings, flour, cereals, nuts, dairy products, baby formulas, and honey. Typically, adults ingest 7 to 9 milligrams of aluminum per day.
  • Aluminum is used for manufacturing of airplanes, siding, roofing materials, paints, pigments, fuels and cigarette filters
  • Aluminum is found in health products including antacids, buffered aspirin, antiperspirants and some vaccines.
More and more recent studies have been suggesting the rise of connection between vaccines injected to children and autism.
A breakthrough study by scientists from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada has been published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry demonstrating that significant correlations exist between rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and total aluminum adjuvants given to children through vaccines in several Western countries.
According to the authors of the study, Sneha K.S. Sheth, Yongling Li and Christopher A. Shaw, this is the first experimental study to demonstrate that aluminum adjuvants can impair social behavior if applied in the early period of postnatal development. These correlations satisfied eight out of nine Hill criteria for causality. Experimental studies have demonstrated a range of behavioral abnormalities in young mice after postnatal exposure to aluminum. To build on the team’s previous work, the current study investigates the effect of aluminum adjuvants on social behavior in mice. Anomalies in social interaction are a key characteristic of those with ASD.
Is Aluminum in Vaccines Safe?
Aluminum link in Autism
Aluminum in vaccines is not safe. There was never a valid reason to claim safety. Even at the microgram levels injected, these amounts are harmful and there’s no way to know if you or your child will be significantly affected – weeks, months, or even years later. With the increase in the number of aluminum-containing vaccines that we are expected to receive, the incidence of an autoimmune and neurological disease is rising alongside it. More and more children are developing chronic, debilitating conditions. The independent scientific research on aluminum adjuvants causing autoimmunity and neurotoxicity – is only growing – and there is less and less doubt that aluminum-containing vaccines have caused chronic illness in a significant portion of the population. It’s a tragedy that scientific research continues to validate that aluminum is, in fact, causing Alzheimer’s disease, and yet doctors and nurses urge the elderly to get their aluminum-adjuvanted pneumonia vaccine every year.



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