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  • If you don't smile, it's confusing. Men expect women to be smiling. If you don't smile, you run the risk of having a man mistake you for something that can't even smile, like a rock or a toaster.
  • You're wasting everyone's time. Men are often super busy. Don't make a man take time out of his packed schedule to remind you to smile.
  • It's scary. A woman who's smiling is easily recognized as a happy and pleasant sight. But take that smile away and she could be mistaken for a demon or a witch.
  • You never knew when a man is looking. Even when you're alone, a man could burst into the room at any moment, so make sure you're smiling. And don't forget to sleep smile.
  • Your fake smile needs to look real. Practice smiling in the mirror to make sure your smile looks happy and not forced. If a man happens to see this, added a bonus.
  • Become dead inside. It's easier to shove all emotions down forever with a smile on your face. If you start to feel something that resembles an emotion, just smile harder until you feel nothing.

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