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What is recommended daily dose of kefir?

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Are you drinking kefir everyday?...or  you just drink a cup now and then?

While some people just can't live without a daily dose of kefir probiotics, other drink it only occasionally. It depends on what is your personal taste but if you are looking for some pointers on how much kefir is recommended, you should read this blog.

Daily dose of kefir doesn't have to be just plain kefir. Spice things up and add some flavors.

How to start drinking kefir?
As we already know kefir is a fermented beverage full of probiotics. It contains considerable amount of bacteria and yeasts which effects the gut flora greatly. This is the reason you should be mindrul when you integrate kefir into your diet.

Start your dose of kefir gradually by drinking 100ml of kefir a day. Probably you will feel the effects of kefir quickly. It depends on how sensitive you are and what is your nutrition like until starting with kefir. Reactions can be huge and it's possible for them to became more intense until your body adapts.

Side effects of drinking kefir:

  • stomach cramps/gurgles
  • constipation
  • bloating

If you have no experience with consuming live food the effects will probably be more obvious. You should not stop drinking kefir if the effects aren't too overbearing. If you don't manage to overcome them, stop drinking kefir and get medical advice. It is possible that kefir is not for you.

Increase the amount of kefir
When you manage to overcome these effects and your body adapts to daily drinking kefir. You can slowly build up to the desire amount of kefir. It's recommended to drink about 200-300 ml of fresh milk kefir a day (1 cup) and you can add a bit more if you drink water kefir (350ml/1.5 cup).

  • You will start experience the benefits of drinking kefir soon. It's best to drink kefir non-stop for at least 3 months to feel the desire effects on you well-being.

Positive results of daily dose of kefir:

  • rich in vitamin B
  • contains folic acid
  • contains easily digested proteins
  • full of good bacteria helping digestion
  • contains antimicrobial strains of lactobacilli
  • boosts immunity
  • supports detoxification
  • helps balance gut bacteria disturbed by anitbiotics can heal the skin after server burns
  • heals the inflammatory bowel disease
  • helps fight allergies
  • can be consumed by the lactose intolerant
  • lowers the blood pressure
  • helps in building bone density
  • kills candida
  • cna help combat anemia
  • used in preventing and treating cancer

Can I drink too much kefir? It’s possible you have to limit your kefir intake if you experience more serious side effects. This happens when you have some health conditions that recommend consuming less proteins, probiotics, acidic food etc. You should always seek advice from your doctor when you feel discomfort. You should find your own limit where you feel good and stick to it. Whether is less or more than 1 cup it depends on you.

Once you get used to drinking kefir you will not feel the uncomfortable symptoms anymore. This should happen in approximately 2 weeks when you will be starting to feel positive benefits of kefir. But note, for best result you should drink kefir every day!


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