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TTN Palawan Inc. Dangers of Sugar
  • 80% of food items in U.S. grocery stores are spiked with added sugar
  • 1/3 of Americans will have diabetes by 2050
According to, about 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Diabetes, like heart disease, and some cancers are among the chronic diseases that are caused by a diet or food intake that is high in added sugar.
Fat out sugar in
Added sugars are placed by food manufacturers in food products to prolong shelf life and add 'flavor' to many food products. The extent of added sugars being widely used to make food products for public consumption is alarming in the measure that a simple trip to a grocery store to pick up food can mean a serious and potentially life-threatening visit. Loads of brand of food products available for public consumption today are shockingly loaded with added sugars that when continuously consumed overtime may implicate health problems among many of us. Many products are also promoted as "Healthy" to the unsuspicious public but in reality is equally health-threatening as those that we already know as highly sweetened and, often, addictive junk foods.
Sugar as poison 
One American doctor by the name of Robert Lustig has presented why sugar is harmful to our health and why it really is a poison for our bodies. The video above explains his findings on how sugar causes danger to our health.
TTN Palawan Inc sugar as tobacco
  • sugar is the new cigarettes!
  • sugar increases insulin
  • insulin increases fat storage and its additive
  • 93% of lab rats chose sugar water over cocaine.
The shocking truth that is now being revealed more and more over the years on the danger of sugar is increasing. If we think of it, this issue with sugar seems no different from the situation with the tobacco industry some years ago where they were promoting cigarettes as not causing harm to people's health despite the results or effect in many people who have been a victim of its harmful effects.
The step to make
Time will tell when there will finally be an increase in regulations from the government in many countries that will protect the general public and even educate them about the implications caused by high-sugar or high-calorie intake in our diets. But for now, we will keep an eye on this issue and make a step to healthier choices with our food intake and checking of the labels of the food products available in the market today. 

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