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THE GLENLIVET - founders reserve single malt Scotch whisky (40% alc/vol)

The Glenlivet, by being the first licensed distillery in the valley, set the standards in quality and taste that went on to define the Speyside style of single malt whisky: Smooth, Rich and Fruity.

To truly capture the essence of George Smith’s vision, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve has been created using the time-honoured distillation methods that he introduced so long ago. Made with water from the same crystal-clear mountain streams, in the same cold, pure air, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is as smooth and fruity as the whisky that first ran from the original copper pot stills. These unique, lantern-shaped copper stills, designed by the man himself, are not the only important tools in our distilling legacy. The traditional oak casks in which we mature the whisky give each expression its own distinct characteristics. When George Smith began distilling, The Glenlivet had no age statements and he selected whisky from casks of a range of ages. We have replicated this freedom with The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, selecting whisky from a variety of traditional aged oak casks. Then, to lend a modern twist to the flavour of the expression, Master Distiller Alan Winchester marries together a selection of the aged oak casks and American first-fill oak casks. American first-fill oak casks are those that have never before been used to mature whisky. Selective use of these casks provides a smooth, creamy sweetness that mingles harmoniously with the delicate flavours and complex fruity tones already present in the whisky.


The Glenlivet owes its unique taste to a number of specific factors relating to its production and location. The distillery is located in the Cairngorms National Park at over 270m above sea level. According to weather records, it is one of the coldest places in Britain characterised by strong winds and heavy snowfalls in winter. 
The water drawn from Josie’s Well, a source of hard mineral water, enables complex aromas to develop during the distillation process. The lantern-shaped stills give the spirit its outstanding balance and strong character. Lastly, a careful ageing process, using hand-selected oak casks, gives The Glenlivet its full flavour.



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