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Brief History of Yogurt

Posted by TTN Palawan on

Yogurt is one of the oldest and most popular fermented foods and is known around the world. However, did we know where it came from, and how is it made today?


The word yogurt comes from Turkish root word "Yog" which means something like condense which we can see in a yogurt which is a tart and thick milk. However, the origin of yogurt is not singular. Yogurt can be found in nearly every culture that has kept animals for milk and it was likely discovered in similar ways in each region.


When fresh milk is left in a container with friendly bacteria, the milk thickens and develops a delicious, sour taste. The lactic acid produced by the fermentation process also acts as a preservative, helping the cultured milk stay fresh longer. 


Around 1900, scientists started studying and isolating the bacteria that made yogurt. Soon after, they were able to combine selected strains that would culture reliably for commercial creameries. These blends are called direct-set cultures. With no starter to maintain, direct-set starters made it possible for a company to consistently make the same yogurt with each batch.

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