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Different Types of Coffee Roasts

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Roast Agtron  Characteristic


65-70 Very light still developing, just at the 1st crack
Medium-light  American 60-65 Light brown, 1-2 minutes past 1st crack
City Roast
55-60 Medium brown color, not shiny, just before the beginning of 2nd crack - balanced acidity
Medium - Dark Full City to Vienna 45-55 Rich even brown color - Beginning of 2nd crack to 30% into the 2nd crack - Acidity begins to mute
Italian Roast
35-45 Deep brown to Dark brown color 50-75% into the 2nd crack - Acidity muted-spots of oil-surface of bean begins to shine
Very Dark
French Roast
30-35 Very dark brown - shiny surface-end of 2nd crack bittersweet tones-Acidity fully muted
Extreme-Dark Volcano 25-30 Black glossy surface-burned bitter tones-beyond 2nd crack


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