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Choosing How To Make and Use Kefir

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Kefir is considered the 'queen of probiotic drinks', according to Emily Kean R.D.N. and nutritionist at Lifeway Foods. So if you want to include Kefir in your diet quite regular than usual, you may want to think how you want your kefir to be made so here are some tips.

Kefir Grains

Kefir grainsReal Kefir grains contain over 40 strains of probiotics and has to be transferred immediately from batch to batch to remain active and alive. This is the most economical way of consuming kefir. Using Kefir grains will mean a consistent and regular supply of milk kefir for you and your family. This is because Kefir grains are sustainable and they grow and make new grains every time they are fed. About 10-15% each time.

Powdered Kefir starter

Using powder kefir starter to make your own kefir drink means that you are not aiming topowder kefir starter take this fermented drink as regular as when you will be making it with a grain starter. Powder starters for kefir contain about 7-9 strains of bacteria compared to over 40 strains of probiotics from kefir grains. Powder kefir starter is actually better than nothing.  

For Vegans, you may also water in making your kefir drink which is made of a water kefir grains that are crystal-like. It provides most if not all of the same benefits in the milk kefir form only it tastes fizzy which kids tend to enjoy. You may also use coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk to make your own Kefir drink. Moms also find water kefir mixed with fruits so refreshing and popular way to introduce the healthy drink to their young ones.



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