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Tips In Storing Yogurt

Posted by TTN Palawan on

Tips on how to store yogurt

Yogurt is widely popular as a healthy probiotic food that is friendly with lactose-intolerant individuals. If you are a starter in incorporating yogurt into your diet, you maybe want to know a few tips about storing. First off, when you are buying yogurt, you need to look for the expiration or the best-before-date to start with. Next, you might want to opt for a plain yogurt with live cultures in it, this way you are sure that the yogurt you are buying has the gut and brain-friendly probiotic. So, the following are some tips for storing yogurt:

  • Keep your yogurt refrigerated, preferably on the colder places in the fridge and not just by the door.
  • Try to eat yogurt within its 'Best by' date. Although many yogurt manufacturers have guaranteed the quality of their product even after 7 days past the sell by date indicated on their labels, generally eating yogurt within the time indicated will just help you eat the product more freshly.
  • Make sure to store your yogurt in a proper container with seal properly closed to avoid other odors from the other foods inside the fridge to mix with your yogurt in your breakfast meal.
  • This is really a general rule for food: DO NOT return unused portions back to the container.
  • In case you want to freeze your yogurt, please be aware that while these may help you keep your yogurt longer and save you trips to the grocery store, freezing yogurt not only changes the flavor or texture but it can also destroy the live bacterial cultures in it. So really, we do not encourage freezing this probiotic product.

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