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Infographic: When Choosing Yogurt

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TTN Palawan Inc -- Things to consider in choosing yogurt

Choosing Yogurt

  • Protein. Choose Greek or Skyr for 12-21 grams of protein per serving. Compare to 6-7g in "regular" yogurt.
  • Fat. "regular" yogurt. Greek, and Skyr generally have 0-2% fat. Balkan and Mediterranean are usually 9%
  • Sugar. Choose plain yogurt and sweeten with fruit to cut-back on added sugar.
  • Probiotics. Look for "probiotic" on the label or "active bacterial culture" in the ingredients. Or try kefir.
  • Calcium. Look for 15% DV on the Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Lactose. Yogurt is naturally lower in lactose than fluid milk. However, there are some lactose-free brands available.

How to make yogurt

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