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Most of us say a coffee will always be a coffee whether it is an instant coffee or brewed coffee they are all both the same.

But if you are a coffee lover and not just a coffee drinker, I am sure you will say a hundred differences between the two.

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Instant coffee packets and brewed coffee are not the same because most of the time instant coffee is a 3 in 1 coffee mixture in packets, mixing all sugar, creamer and the coffee grounds in one. It is a powdered and water-soluble version of regular coffee. This coffee is the dried soluble portion of roasted coffee, which can be presented to the consumer in either powder or granule form for immediate make-up in hot water, whilst the insoluble parts, or spent coffee grounds, are left behind at the factory, for the manufacturer to dispose of.

Brewed coffee is done manually, where you need to buy your whole bean coffee to your local coffee shop or supermarket, grind it and brew it at your home to enjoy the richness of the coffee taste. Some coffee beans are likely composed of Arabica and Robusta, where Robusta described to be having a burnt tire's or rubbery taste which is blamed to it's higher caffeine content than Arabica which is almost double the amount of caffeine than in Arabica. But Arabica is more difficult to cultivate because of how sensitive it is to the environment and the fact that it produces less per hectare than robusta. It also tastes better which makes the demand higher. So it's more expensive than robusta.


8 Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy
No Caffeine After 2 P.M.
Do Not Load Your Coffee With Sugar.
Choose a Quality Brand, Preferably Organic.
Avoid Drinking Too Much.
Add Some Cinnamon to Your Coffee.
Avoid Low-Fat and Artificial Creamers.
Add Some Cocoa to Your Coffee.
Brew Your Coffee Using a Paper Filter.



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