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Infographic: Probiotics for Performance-Enhancing Gut

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TTN Palawan Inc -- Probiotics for Performance-Enhancing Gut

Probiotics for Performance-Enhancing Gut
Probiotics Improve immune function by:
  • Acting as a physical barrier to bad bacteria
  • Stimulating anti-inflammatory proteins
  • Increasing the number and activity of cells that fight off infection             
Nutritient Production and Absorption:
  • Synthesize some B vitamins and vitamin K 
  • Increase absorption of calcium, iron, and vitamin D
  • Enhance dietary nitrate conversion to the vasodilator nitric oxide (e.g. beetroot juice)
Reduce Inflammation, therefore, reducing fatigue:
  • Probiotics can produce antioxidants that fight off free radicals from intense exercise

Maintenance of optimal glucose levels:

  • Gut microbiota produces short-chain fatty acid which serves as sources for the liver and muscle tissues. 

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