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Pump up your protein and calcium
Yogurt can help you build muscle and lose weight. To choose the one that's right for you, see how dairy and non-dairy options compare. Be sure to buy plain yogurt. Then spruce it up with fresh fruit, cinnamon or vanilla. (Steer clear of sugary fruit-on-the-bottom and flavored yogurts. They're deadly for the diet!)

Cow's milk yogurt
- Great source of calcium and vitamin D
- High in protein (15g Greek, 8g regular)
- Low in calories (80 non-fat, 100 low-fat)

- Not for the dairy-sensitive

Tips: Greek style
- Strain to produce a rich and creamy texture
- Has twice the protein but less calcium than regular
- A tasty suitable for sour cream and whole milk in recipes

Low fat and non-fat varieties
- Both 2.5g and 0g options are fine when watching overall dietary fat
- Great in smoothies or mixed with crunchy cereal

Whole milk variety
- The best option for 1-2 year-olds, but may be too high in saturated fat (5g) for the rest of us!
- Delicious in the occasional fruit-and-yogurt parfait




Soy milk yogurt

- Good option if you're vegan or dairy-sensitive
- Good souce of protein (3g)
- Heart-healthy source of plant-based fat (7g)

- Maybe high in sugar and calories, so always read the label!
- Thinner consistency than other yogurts

Tip: Tasty mixed with crunchy cereal for a hearty breakfast

Almond milk yogurt

- Good option if you're vegan or dairy-sensitive
- Great source of calcium
- Good source of protein (3g)
- Low in calories (100)
- Heart-healthy source of nut fats (6g)

- Not safe for those with nut allergies

Tip: Great for making vegan smoothies!

Coconut milk yogurt
- Its 25% medium-chain triglycerides are better utilized than other fats
- Low in calories (80)

- High in saturated fat (4g) – 20% of the recommended daily amount
- Much lower in protein (0-2g)

Tip: Delicious frozen for the occasional non-dairy dessert

The scoop on probiotics and yogurt
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that may help improve overall gut health, lower blood pressure, regulate bowel movements, heighten immunity and lower type 2 diabetes risk. But be aware that:
- Only yogurts with the “Live & Active Cultures” seal contain probiotics. (Heating-treating to reduce tartness and extend shelf life kills probiotics.)
- The probiotics provided vary by yogurt brand. Read the ingredients list to see which strains are included.

If you're interested in probiotics, supplements are your best bet. They contain multiple strains of bacteria – and the more strains, the better!

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